How to purify the body with natural methods

How to purify the body with natural methods

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Exposure to chemicals and pollutants can cause irreparable damage to human, animal and plant organisms. In this regard, below we will suggest how purify the body to remove pollutants in the most natural way possible.

Purify the body with water
Among the substances most available in nature for purify the body we find the precious water. As it flows through the body in the blood and lymphatic system, it collects toxins and expels them in the form of urine. Therefore, the more water you drink, the easier the body cleanses: 8 glasses a day are enough if you do not do intense physical activity.

Purify the body with organic food
Nature knows how to be very generous, among the natural foods, which it offers us for purify the body, we find spices, garlic, coriander, echinacea, ginger root, parsley leaves and many others. These are foods that we easily have in the kitchen. Fresh fruit is also perfect for detoxifying, as long as it comes from organic farming or from your own garden. However, we suggest you consume it alone, without adding sugars or other foods. Among the fresh vegetables, green, dark green and red leafy ones are those with a strong purifying effect.

Purify the body reducing chemicals
The chemicals present in certain foods or drugs can compromise the body's ability to repair itself: the body has several mechanisms that come into operation to protect it from dangers.
Therefore, prefer products that contain natural herbs and do not exclude the possibility of being able to resort to a natural alternative medicine, always consulting first with your doctor.

Purify the body with green tea
Drinking one or two cups of green tea a day without adding refined sugar helps the body to eliminate waste from your body in a natural way: instead of refined sugar you can use stevia or honey, if you don't have big diabetes problems. Green tea has useful antioxidants which experts say can prevent different types of cancer, regulate low blood pressure and cholesterol levels without neglecting that it is effective in speeding up the metabolism.

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