Growing onions, how to plant them

Growing onions, how to plant them

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The onions they are the undisputed protagonists in the kitchen, giving aroma and flavor to many recipes, but they can also be the main ingredient such as onion omelette. There onion cultivation does not require a green thumb, starting from the waste parts or from a sprouted onion, we can start the onion cultivation without having to buy seeds or cloves. In this regard, it will be sufficient to follow some techniques that we will illustrate below and you will see yours grow luxuriantly onions in the garden or in pots.

Growing onions from scraps
There onion cultivation can start by planting the scraps of the same. It will be sufficient to keep only the lower part of the onion aside and let it dry in the open air for four or five days. At this point you can plant it directly in the vegetable garden, or in a pot full of soil: it is essential to place it with the bottom facing the earth and cover it with a two-centimeter layer of soil.
As soon as the first leaves appear, remove the bottom of the onion, then separating the different plants as they develop: from a single bottom of onion more seedlings can develop. After detaching them, being careful not to damage the roots, you will have to plant them well spaced in the garden or in larger pots, so that the new ones onions can develop.

Growing from a sprouted onion
Another technique for grow onions it is through its drying. For the procedure you need to take a few whole small onions with a green sprout on top. Didn't you ever end up with some old sprouted onion? It will then be enough to bury it in the pot at a depth of two centimeters and wait for the sprout already sprouted to emerge from the ground. When the onion seedling blooms, the seeds to be used can be obtained from the flowers and then the next ones can be cultivated.

You can sow it at the end of summer, in order to allow bulbs to swell with the arrival of spring. Then you will have to proceed with the thinning of the seedlings and in late spring you can harvest the real onions.

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