Backpacks with solar cells, prices and models

Backpacks with solar cells, prices and models

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Abackpack with solar cellsit can be particularly useful both in the life of an employee / student and in the life of a sportsman / traveler. Those who are always on the road by bicycle may need to recharge their portable devices, from GPS to Smartphone ...

On the market there is no shortagebackpacks with solar cellsfor every need and with multiple features. The best performing models offer an energy output of 10 Watts or more, an integrated battery that allows energy storage and optimized for the purpose and universal charging accessories. To make the price of onebackpack with solar cells are the qualities just listed in addition to the efficiency and performance of theSolar Panelintegrated withbackpack.

The models ofbackpack with solar cellscheaper offer the so-called "direct charge"mode in which the portable device must be connected directly to thephotovoltaic cellswithout going through the battery. The more expensive models offersolar panelsnew generation that offer rather short charging times and an integrated batterybackpack.

Among the most appreciated products are those of even if for some time Samsonite has launched theSolar Laptop Backpack, onebackpack with photovoltaic cellswith a truly surprising quality / price ratio. Thebackpackin question has an energy output of 4.5 Watts and allows you to recharge any portable device through a universal output equivalent to that of a car's cigarette lighter. ThebackpackSolar Laptop Backpack is made with recycled materials and has been designed to ensure maximum ergonomics. It can safely carry a 15.6 ″ notebook and has various compartments. There are currently no European retailers to offer suchbackpackSamsonite, however, it is possible to buy it on one of the many USA stores and between shipping costs and customs taxes, the price is not more than 140 euros. The product offers a three-year warranty.

Who does not intend to buy onebackpack with solar cells, can opt for a shoulder strap, suspenders or solutions capable of carrying thePhotovoltaic cellson your personal backpack. This is the case with Voltaic's Fuse Solar Laptop Charge, available in various energy capacities. The 10W Fuse costs 339 euros while the 4W model costs 129 euros.

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