Homemade detergent

Homemade detergent

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Most of the detergents for dishes are made with products that pollute the environment, in fact they contain synthetic surfactant ingredients derived from petroleum. In Europe, detergent manufacturers are not obliged to indicate the complete composition on the label, often only a few elements are mentioned and without providing the quantities. The wording "natural" is often a good marketing element, but often the detergents that "smell of nature" such as lemon or pine based, contain only synthetic flavors ... other than plant extracts! Is it possible to have clean and shiny dishes without polluting? Of course and in this regard we will give you the recipe for a homemade detergent using only natural ingredients.

Homemade detergent, the ingredients
A few ingredients are enough to produce a lemon-based detergent at home, with a high degreasing power to make our dishes shiny and fragrant. But above all it is a natural and organic detergent, respectful of the environment, suitable for washing by hand and in the dishwasher.
5 lemons
200 g of salt
350 ml of water
200 ml of white vinegar
Homemade detergent, the procedure

  1. Take the lemons and grate the zest, being careful not to grate the white part under the zest, then cut them in half and squeeze them, filtering the juice to remove the seeds.
  2. Blend the juice together with the zest by adding 150 ml of water and salt until you get a homogeneous mixture
  3. Pour the mixture just obtained into a pot and add the rest of the water and the white vinegar.
  4. Bring to a boil for about 10 minutes, stirring constantly: if the mixture is not homogeneous, it should be put back in the blender
  5. After turning off the heat, leave the detergent obtained in the pot to cool
  6. When the detergent gets cold, pour it into a bottle as well

For use, the same indications apply as for a normal hand dishwashing detergent. If you are using it for the dishwasher, pour half a cup into the detergent compartment and start the wash.