How to protect yourself from electromagnetic fields

How to protect yourself from electromagnetic fields

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That prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields it is not a healthy thing, it is a fact and there is no need to disturb the many scientific studies on the subject, which we will not do here. Instead, what we do is remember that indoors we are exposed to a electric climate very loaded and practically without interruption, therefore some prevention measures are needed to minimize the effects. It serves protect yourself from electromagnetic fields and even more to avoid exposing yourself unnecessarily and in ways that can be harmful to health.

At home, for example, for protect yourself from electromagnetic fields it is advisable to avoid placing the bed close to walls that contain electrical panels. It should also be avoided to have the bed in contact with the wall on the opposite side of which are positioned televisions, monitors and printers, which emit more intense radiation from the back, refrigerators, washing machines, electric or microwave ovens.

If you really can't do without a TV or computer in the bedroom, for protect you from electromagnetic fields at least try to keep it at a distance (at least one and a half meters) and unplug both the plug and the antenna connection before going to sleep. These devices, in addition to introducing radiation and electron flows, devitalize the air, producing positive ions that are certainly not good for you.

Remember to always turn off the TV, radio, stereo and PC with the central switch, deactivating the LED lights (you will also save electricity). Never leave electrical appliances on unnecessarily, including lamps. Always air the kitchen after you have started the electric oven or microwave, and start the dishwasher only shortly before leaving it. The kitchen is certainly the home environment where you need it most protect yourself from electromagnetic fields.

In the office or factory, other environments where we spend a lot of our time, for protect yourself from electromagnetic fields you must avoid stationing on the back of screens or machinery in operation. Side-by-side desk systems where people work stably under the crossfire of screens placed both frontally and from the back are not recommended.

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