Hi-Tech bikes, revolutionary

Hi-Tech bikes, revolutionary

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In the era of innovative materials, there are many hitech bike that we can pedal. Give her bike traditional to less tiring bicycles pedal assisted. The hi-tech bike they are characterized by production techniques, materials used, dynamism and on-board technologies.

Who thinks the world of bicycles high-tech belong to ebike he is very wrong, in fact among the hi-tech bike more incredible is the X9 Nightawk which thanks to its structure eliminates all vibrations. The X9 Weighs only 1.3 kg, made of carbon fiber and aramid, a fiber of man-made origin that makes the bike not only hi-tech but also bulletproof!

Remaining within the scope of hi-tech bike with traditional traction, let's move on to the bikes that equip the Loopwheels, special wheels without spokes but composed of elastic bands that guarantee maximum cushioning. The wheels, thus composed, drastically reduce vibrations. The only drawback is the price, each wheel costs around 195 pounds!


If the bike it is extremely light… what is the electric motor for?
There hi-tech bike BlackBraid is placed on the market with a weight of about 4 kg. The material used is a super-wrapped form of carbon fiber. The BlackBraid bike frees itself from the clutter of the old metal chain, supplanting it with a more modern and cleaner toothed belt. Here too, the only drawback is the price, around 15,000 euros!

Fortunately, high technology is not always synonymous with excessive costs. Izhar Gafni has managed to make racing bicycles from recycled material. The resulting bikes are as resistant as those in carbon fiber and also the weight is comparable, the price? From 9 to 12 dollars.

Remaining in more accessible prices, we point out the Bamboo bike, 600 euros for a bike with a total weight of less than 8 kg. The bike is handmade, it does not equip any accessories hi-tech but the exclusivity lies in the craftsmanship. Artisan bikes do get paid! The Axalko road bike weighs 6.5 kg and is strong enough to withstand all the traction exerted by road riding. Being the handcrafted bicycles, each bike is made to measure for the customer and is unique in its kind. The price? 3,500 pounds!


Now let's move on to what are the hi-tech electric bikes!
Audi presented its Worthersee eBike. Sporty handling, ultra-light structure and a speed of up to 80 km / h. Another German car manufacturer offering one hi-tech bike is the Opel with its RAD-e with a range of 140 km. Also from Germany, there is already on the market BMW electric bike, it is called Cuise eBike but it has nothing so incredibly elaborate if not the edition (only 1000 pieces) and the price: over 2000 euros.


Even the Italian producers do not give up and offer hi-tech bike equipped with luggage racks, anti-theft, GPS, LED lights, suspension on special tires, hydraulic disc brakes for a total weight of 19 kg. This is the case of the LEAOS electric, already available to the Italian public!

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