How to travel by bicycle

How to travel by bicycle

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Traveling by bike allows us to fully appreciate all the landscapes we pass through, the smells and scents that surround us. Traveling by bicycle it is not necessarily tiring, just don't rely on improvisation and plan your itineraries. Every tourist can guarantee himself a tailor-made holiday and grasp only the positive aspects of a bicycle trip.

In the panorama of cycle tourism there is no shortage of Tour operator specialists who offer itineraries and holidays proof bicycle. Relying on a specialized organization allows you to undertake a bike trip without running any danger and putting aside the risk "fatigue ". If the tour in bicycle is tailored to our performances, everything will be full of fun. In the panorama of tour operators specialized in the sector of cycle tourism Active Sport Tours arises with its cycling itineraries from 2 to 9 days.

If you have a smartphone, take advantage of the tente app developed for cyclists so as to be always updated on the most suitable routes for two-wheeled pedals and to be able to share your movements with friends on facebook and twitter.

How to travel by bicycle, useful tips

  • Before riding, make sure the bike is in place.
  • Don't forget your helmet and a water bottle.
  • Do not travel just after eating, but not too fast: the ideal would be to leave three hours after the main meal.
  • Keep a bottle of water on hand: it will be used to hydrate you every now and then.
  • When leaving, give a quick check on the equipment.
  • If you have to stop for a few days, absolutely avoid visiting the place first and then looking for the campsite. Regarding the search for a campsite, it is advisable to plan it already before departure, looking for a campsite in the area on the side where you arrive.
  • Make sure the bike be well guarded in your absence.
  • Never travel in the dark: the ideal is in the morning, half an hour after breakfast.
  • In case of illness, stop immediately and seek refreshment at some service station.
  • Bring your documents with you.

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