Garden irrigation

Garden irrigation

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L'garden irrigation it is a fundamental condition to ensure the luxuriant growth of plants, through the right supply of water it is possible to grow both in the garden and on the terrace. Here's how to proceed withgarden irrigation following some important and simple rules to put into practice.

Garden irrigation, directions
Among the most important indications, do not forget to water more in spring and summer the garden, compared to autumn and winter: on the hottest days, the garden it needs a greater supply of water to compensate for the massive evaporation that occurs during these months.

Garden irrigation is essential especially in spring since it is the sowing period: the right amount of water will determine the growth of the plant. It is necessary to water once a day, intensifying during the summer, when the temperature is inevitably warmer. Watering should be done in the evening, when the water temperature is closest to that of the soil, thus not risking a sudden change in temperature, often harmful to the proper growth of the plants.

Not irrigate never the garden during the hottest hours, it would be not only harmful but also useless since the water poured would be practically wasted due to the transpiration carried out by the plants during the day.

Garden irrigation, manual and automatic
Before deciding on the type ofirrigation, the size of the garden, the area to be irrigated and your needs. For small and medium-sized flowers and potted plants, for hedges and flower beds, the watering can is enough. To irrigate the entire surface of the garden instead, specific tools are needed to facilitate the irrigation of the garden evenly.

With theManual irrigation, the operation is carried out personally through the use of specific tools:
• Lances that can spray irrigation and are adjustable according to needs and are able to irrigate the lawn even from a considerable distance.
• Hoses which are equipped with jet gun. They allow freedom of movement for those who need to move from one part of the garden during the operation.

With the'automatic irrigation, the operation is programmed by setting the switch-on times and saving time and effort. Here are the choices:
• Static sprinklers that are not equipped with moving parts: the water comes out of the holes through various types of jets, to be set according to needs.
• Rotating sprinklers that offer the ability to manage the rotation and direction, or more than one, of the jet, along with the duration of the operation.

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