Here comes the flexible and indestructible screen

Here comes the flexible and indestructible screen

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When it comes to screens OLED, LG seems to aim for flexibility, but in the true sense of the word: the company has developed one flexible screen! The LG house has already blown us away with huge TVs a screen flat, extremely thin and low energy consumption. Today, the LG company returns to amaze the public with its new one flexible screen, presented at the 2013 Vancouver Display Week.

Soon, LG's already impressive range of OLED products will be joined by it flexible screen. Mobile applications are huge. The flexible screen presented by LG has a size of 5 inches and is hyper-resistant. This is the characteristic that makes it flexible screen Perfect for Tablets and Smartphones: Current tablet and smartphone displays can easily break, if so screen of the tablet hits a sidewalk, it will certainly break! The flexible screen LG is practically "indestructible".

Scratches and cracks are a terrible thing. LG claims that its flexible screen it is unbreakable and, considering the OLED technology, the brightness of the display will have less impact on the battery of the smartphone!

OLED is the acronym forOrganic Light Emitting DiodeliterallyOrganic light emitting diode. This technology makes it possible to create high-resolution displays capable of emitting their own light: OLED displays do not require other additional components to be illuminated so with OLED technology it is possible to create one screen highly slim and apparently too flexible!

The flexible screen, to be indestructible, it was made of plastic rather than glass. The plastic material, in addition, is flexible. OLED technology manages to offer excellent image resolutions while requiring less energy than classic LED screens. If next generation portable devices will implement flexible screens, they will not only be more resistant but also brighter!

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