Solar powered lanterns

Solar powered lanterns

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Photovoltaic cells have become so cheap that they can be incorporated into backpacks, bags and covers for smartphones or tablets. Even the garden benefits from photovoltaic technology, in fact, lamps and lamps are spreading more and more solar powered lanterns. In the photo above, for example, four ad lamps can be seen solar power shaped lanterns.

The solar powered lanterns they have affordable prices and are characterized by their ease of use: being powered directly by the sun's rays, there is no need to connect to the electricity grid, so as to eliminate the need for hateful underground cables or long wires.

The solar powered lanterns they can be placed both in the garden and on the terrace. They are usually made of synthetic materials, resistant to rain and other atmospheric agents.

The lanterns or lamps solar powered of the latest generation, they are equipped with high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, usually displayed on the top of the Lanternin addition, they incorporate an electrical storage system (cells or rechargeable batteries). Energy accumulators are supplied with electricity during the hours when the sun beats down, and then use that electricity during the hours of darkness.

Most of the lamps and solar powered lanterns they are activated automatically when the sun goes down, thanks to the photosensitive sensors. Returning to solar powered lanterns of the photo, these are 36 cm high and a set consisting of 4 lanterns is proposed by the Bakker portal at a price of around 28 euros.

Other solar-powered lamps have more characteristic shapes and sizes. There are solar-powered lighting systems in the shape of a frog or garden dwarf. The lamps shown on the coffee table, pictured above, recharge during the day and turn on automatically at sunset, creating a romantic glow. Ideal for the terrace or the garden.

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