Energy Management Conference

Energy Management Conference

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Alla Energy Management Conference we talk about how to save energy in the company.

Point one: what is the energy saving? Well ... the question must be placed in context, but in principle we say that when we talk about 'energy saving’We refer to a series of techniques that help reduce the consumption of energy necessary to carry out certain activities.

In the business environment, energy saving it means eliminating waste and increasing performance-results without increasing energy use, in a word: optimizing.

Point two: how do you get the energy saving? Tighten tighten there are two ways: technically, with the help of technologies that make the use of the necessary energy more efficient; is behaviorally: through small daily habits that each person can adopt and which, overall, affect energy consumption much more than you think (a energy etiquette).

Step three: where do I start? Here the answer, to stay within the business, is called Energy Management, energy management, a practice that aims to optimize energy expenditure in these terms: 'do the same by spending less' or also 'spend the same by doing more '. L'Energy Management he has never enjoyed great attention in the company, to the point of being a completely neglected aspect, but in times of crisis and prevailing savings, it has become a priority.

L'Energy Management in the company it has become important to the point of deserving one conference where we will try to answer these questions: how to reduce costs and generate resources in the company with an efficient management of energy consumption? What are the good practices? What are the tools? And above all ... where to start?

And the renewable energies? Are they a priority? How to exploit the mix of energy sources (traditional plus renewable) to reduce corporate energy expenditure by taking advantage of an increasingly multifaceted energy market? How to optimize in a context of increasing complexity?

L'Energy Management Conference is scheduled on 3 July in Milan and is aimed at all people who, within the organization in which they work, deal in some way with energy aspects, aware that energy is a transversal and multifaceted aspect in companies and that Energy Management implies a collegial management to in which many figures participate and collaborate: the entrepreneur himself, the maintenance office, purchases, design, research, even communication and marketing.

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