Aquarium maintenance

Aquarium maintenance

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A aquarium must always act in the interest of nature conservation and the protection of the animals it hosts. This is why the habitat must be maintained with all the chemical-physical characteristics of the water where the fish live.

In a marine aquarium, the maintenance it is mainly based on the monitoring of the installed equipment. To play a crucial role inmarine aquarium are the ventilation and filtration systems, these almost completely eliminate the work of aquarium maintenance. The right ventilation will allow the fishes ofaquarium to live and will support the work of filters. The amount of oxygen dissolved in a aquarium depends on many factors, the most important is the temperature: the colder the water, the greater the amount of oxygen present.

The presence of living organisms in a aquarium, both marine and freshwater, involves a continuous emission of metabolic products, mainly urine and faeces, in addition there are soluble proteins and derivatives of the decomposition of food residues. All these components cause the accumulation of a very toxic substance, ammonia. Again, the maintenance it will be carried out by the classic filters that transform ammonia into more harmless substances.

To further decrease the work of aquarium maintenance, it is possible to combine the mechanical filter with a pump that can ensure complete water recycling every hour, in the case of a freshwater aquarium, and at least two in the case of a marine aquarium.

In more or less long times, both mechanical filters (with multiple porous layers) and chemical filters (those, for example, with activated carbon), need a little maintenance. Mechanical and chemical filters end up transforming into biological filters, where the functioning is guaranteed by those bacteria that in nature participate in the decomposition processes of matter. When the filter substrate is finished (when all the activated carbon has already reacted), the work of maintenance is to change it.

Those who do not have effective enough filters, connected to pumps that guarantee complete water recycling, will have to increase the maintenance manually changing 20-30% of the water, just as explained in this article.

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