How to exploit agricultural land

How to exploit agricultural land

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THE agricultural land they can be exploited in a variety of ways. The first thing to do is to carry out a market survey in order to understand the best use of the land: is it better to produce vegetables, or even set up an orchard? If the farmland it is large enough to set up a poultry farm, laying hens and pigs.

If you live in an area that offers renowned local varieties, it will not be difficult for you to enter the market by offering a rustic product. For example, if you live in an area like i Campi Flegrei, where the quality of the soil can give life to a variety of grapes renowned all over the world, an attractive business idea could be about setting up a vineyard!

Much depends above all on the capital to be invested. For example, in a land of 3-4 hectares, costs of 110,000-140,000 euros in total can be estimated to set up a new vineyard, including the management costs of the first two years of the activity. For exploit to the best of agricultural land it is necessary not only to prepare the soil (therefore a manpower is required), but it is necessary to purchase support structures for crops, equipment for the fields, irrigation system.

If you have calculated that your agricultural land will yield 200 quintals of white grapes, you must take into account that a pneumatic press for the production of 3,000 liters of wine costs approximately 28,000 euros! As well as the planting costs for the construction of a new orchard can range from 14 thousand euros for the cherry or peach tree up to 23 thousand euros for the pear tree (always considering 3 hectares of arable land).

In short: once the capital to invest has been identified, the various systems for exploit agricultural land. To begin, it is advisable to make visits to successful farms located in the same geographic region where the farmland from exploit. After a careful analysis of potential competition, you will certainly have a clearer idea of ​​which business to undertake. In any case, the best idea is always to combine cultivation with the breeding of animals that are easy to manage (poultry and pigs).

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