How to grow lettuce in pots

How to grow lettuce in pots

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It's possible growing lettuce in a pot? Of course, it is a simple to care for and fast growing vegetable, we will illustrate in the article how to grow lettuce in pots following some important indications.

How to grow lettuce in pots, seeds and seedlings
For the growing lettuce in pots we can use the seeds to be planted in a seedbed from which to then transplant the plants obtained or directly plant the seedlings to be purchased in a nursery, also saving time and effort.

How to grow lettuce in pots, the procedure
There lettuce grown in jar It is not large but modest in size but the taste and tenderness will still be guaranteed.
The jar it must be at least 50cm in diameter and 25cm deep, to be filled with soil mixed with peat and compost to make it fertile and with sand and gravel to facilitate water drainage.
Once the soil has been prepared, simply pour the seeds on the ground in rows a little distant from each other and cover them with a light layer of soil. If it is a question of implanting the seedlings, do not place them on the same axis but make sure that they are slightly offset: in this way the roots of each one will not bother those of the others
Watering should not be excessive, as with all large leafy vegetables, but if it suffers from water shortages it tends to bloom prematurely: water only when there is no water, when the soil appears visibly dry. There lettuce aIt should preferably be watered in the morning and the earth should still be moved between one row and the next every now and then.

How to grow lettuce in pots, useful information
There lettuceit loves exposure to light but can also be grown in a shady area where the sun comes in for a few hours. In the hottest hours of the day it is good to create a shelter even with a cloth capable of providing shade to prevent the earth from drying out immediately. Even during the winter it is advisable to protect the lettuce with a plastic sheet, especially if the temperatures become too low or there is a risk of frost.
At harvest time cut the lettuces 2-3 cm from the collar so that they can grow back again lettuce it will have a decent size and the leaves will appear tender and a nice vivid green will be ready to be harvested.

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