Rock alum, properties

Rock alum, properties

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Thedouble sulphate of aluminum and potassium dodecahydrate, also called "potassium-alum" but better known asrock alum, is a mixed salt of aluminum and potassium which at room temperature appears as a colorless and odorless solid.

The chemical formula ofrock alumis KAl (SO4) 2, this material is commonly extracted from the stone ofalum(or alumite), however the raw material that leads to its formation can also be bauxite, clay or creolite.

L'rock alum it is soluble in water but insoluble in alcohol, so if you purchase the stones of rock alum raw only for ornamental value, we advise you to expose them in a low humidity environment or place them in jars "in spirit "so as to ensure a long life.

Rock alum, properties

Property astringents and deodorants make therock alumthe perfect ingredient for thenatural cosmeticsfor the preparation of hypoallergenic, haemostatic and natural-based deodorant products. The property peculiar torock alumthey have even been exploited to makefireproof(fire resistant) some fabrics, in ancient times, therock alum it was used to whiten the skin while today its use sees it as a protagonist in the purification of water.

In the fieldperfumer,L'rock alumit is used as a substitute for the classicunderarm deodorantfor hispropertydeodorants and antibacterials. Thanks to themproperty, rock alum is used to reduce sweat on the feet and to reduce bad odor.

How rock alum is used

The application must take place on cleansed, clean and still a little damp skin. For use rock alum as a natural deodorant it is advisable to choose a well-polished stone. For application, simply moisten the surface of therock alum (or that of the skin) and pass it on the affected area just as if it were the classic deodorant stick. After application, to preserve the duration of therock alum, you will need to dry it with a clean cloth.

L'rock alum powder, if placed in the refrigerator, it can help reduce bad odors.

L'rock alumcan also be used asnatural aftershaveastringent. In India it is the most common aftershave.

Rock alum, where it is bought

L'Rock alum it can be purchased in the most well-stocked herbalists. It is possible to find it both raw and in "worked" form: for convenience, there is sanded rock alum on the market, while the rough stone has been given the classic shape of the "deodorant stick" precisely to facilitate its use. A stone of rock alum processed and placed in a special applicator has a price of about 10 euros. The rough stone is more inconvenient to use (it is a stone with an irregular surface and not a smooth stone!) But also cheaper, around 6 euros.

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