Shungite, characteristics and properties

Shungite, characteristics and properties

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Much interest is attracting the shungite, a black and opaque stone to which various beneficial and curative properties are attributed. The healing properties of the Shungite they date back to 1719, when Tsar Peter the Great opened the “Marcial Waters” spa in Olonets: water was used here and placed in contact with this stone. Peter the Great himself recommended that his soldiers always have pieces of these stones behind them to put in the water they drank.

Apparently, this mineral would have the ability to "rebalance" the water, but it is necessary that it is pure Shungite that contains 98-99% carbon-fullerene: lower quality stones are not recommended for this use since they have aluminum oxide, which is harmful to health. The Elite stones, that is pure, are free of it or contain negligible quantities.
This mineral is also capable of neutralizing radiation: for this reason, it is used against electromagnetic waves caused by computers, cell phones and various equipment.

Shungite, property

  • It would have "bioenergetic" properties, therefore it would be effective in cases of stress, sleep and mood disorders, anxiety, fatigue and psychosomatic disorders
  • According to experts, it has antibacterial properties, therefore it would be able to fight the flu, seasonal ills and strengthen the immune system
  • It would contribute to hair and skin health

Shungite and the vegetable garden
This mineral can also be used as a natural fertilizer as it can improve crop yields by around 30%. It is also capable of fighting plant diseases.

Shungite, where to find it
This stone is available in various forms, such as pendants, spheres, stones and pyramids, also on the Internet you will find small objects to be placed on the back of computers and mobile phones: a 10 gram stone of Elite has a price that is around 12-15 euros .

How to make shungite water
Ingredients: 100 grams of Elite stones, 1 liter of water

  1. Wash the stones carefully then rinse them
  2. Put the stones on the bottom of a glass jug and pour the water
  3. Let it rest for 48 hours then pour the Shungite water into another glass container with an airtight seal
  4. Repeat the operation for another 48 hours.

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