Hiccups, natural remedies

Hiccups, natural remedies

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How many times have you wanted to knowhow to stop hiccups, that annoying repeated and involuntary contraction of the diaphragm muscle!

Hiccups, causes

Thecausesof thehiccupare many and all to be attributed to an alteration of thephrenic nerve, that nerve that originates from the spinal roots and innervates the diaphragm with motor fibers. Thehiccupit can occur as a result of sudden stomach dilation, after sudden changes in temperature, in case of incorrect ingestion of liquid, abuse of alcohol, consumption of carbonated drinks, stress or strong excitement (in particular conditions, swallowing a greater amount of air the norm that irritates the diaphragm causing hiccups);

in case ofhiccuppersistent (when the hiccups last continuously for several hours or even days), there may be problems with organs such as the pericardium, the digestive system or particular nerve centers.

Hiccups in infants

The causes of thehiccups in infantsthere are mainly two: ingestion of excessive air and sudden changes in temperature.

Ingestion of excessive airit can occur following a crying crisis or with gastroesophageal reflux, especially in particularly voracious infants who, together with food, introduce an excess of air into the body causing a distension of the cardia (the valve that separates the stomach from the esophagus) which goes to stimulate the diaphragm causing thehiccup. Sudden changes in temperature seem to directly affect the phrenic nerve by causing thehiccup.

THE natural remedies to stop hiccups in infants they are multiple and harmless, you just need to make a few attempts: try to make the baby sneeze by gently tickling the nose, with a sneeze the diaphragm resumes its natural motion. Other remedy, if the newborn is small, it consists of a feed, especially if the hiccups have arisen at this stage. In the larger ones it is possible to try with a sip of water. It is not recommended to give children neither lemon juice nor drops of vinegar.

To prevent the onset of hiccup, avoid too long feedings (take more breaks during breastfeeding with intermediate burps), when the baby is weaned, invite him to chew well and eat more slowly in order to reduce the risk of onset ofhiccup.

Hiccups, natural remedies

A goodremedyfor thehiccupappears to be of common magnesia (type effervescent brioschi), to be taken following the appearance of the symptom, thehiccupit should disappear in a short time.

Dill appears to be very effective for eliminate hiccups, even the most persistent: infuse 2-4 grams of seeds in 1/4 of water with the addition of the juice of half a lemon. Other useful remedies (albeit milder and popularly known) can be found in the articleHow to get rid of hiccups.

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