Forest Agent, what he does and how to become

Forest Agent, what he does and how to become

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The protection of wooded areas, forests and wild animals is the responsibility of theForestry agents. The Agents of the State Forestry Corpsthey are a special section made up of people who have decided to live in close contact with nature; the task of aforest agentis to protect plants and animals, as well as prevent fires and provide for the control and supervision of the most beautiful and delicate natural environments of our country. If this role fascinates you and you are a fan ofenvironment and nature, it might interest you to understandhow to become a Forest Agent.

Every trekking enthusiast will have come across, at least once, aforest agent: their uniform is gray-green, they can move on foot, on horseback, by car ... they are real policemenat the service of the environment, or rather, at the service of the State Forestry Corps (CFS). In areas at risk, they try to prevent illegal acts, sanction those who damage the environment or those who injure and kill animals. In broader terms, they also deal with environmental health by sanctioning those who pollute air, water, land or more simply, those who fish without a license or set fires.

When it comes toState Forestry Corps, we imagine agents walking for hours under the scorching August sun or making silent stalking at dawn on cold winter mornings (yes, being an agentforestrequires a great spirit of adaptation and a good physical shape) ... nobody imaginesforestry agentsalong the coastal stretches or in the middle of a protected marine area: there is anautical service of the State Forestry Corps.

The nautical service of the State Forestry Corpshas offshore vehicles suitable for facing the open sea and specific equipment for the protection of rivers, waterways and lakes.

Usually the nautical service of the State Forestry Corps carries out checks on any discharges of toxic substances, abandonment of deep quantities of waste at sea, illegal fishing or to protect protected species, will arouse the enthusiasm of many of you but ...State Forestry Corpswho often deals with the release of rescued turtles at sea!

These just mentioned are just some examples of tasks: there are many scenarios and many variables that involve aForest Agentof the state.

How to become a State Forestry Agent

To become a Forest Agent it is necessary to pass a public competition organized by the Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policies. All other information can be found in the article dedicated to the training course of a Forest Agent indicated at the link:how to become a forest agent

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