How to become a Forest Agent

How to become a Forest Agent

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If you love the outdoors, adventure and your dream is to safeguard nature in everyday life, theForest Agentit's the job for you; buthow to become a Forest Agent? First of all, it will be necessary to pass a public competition and, given that the Forestry Agent holds the qualification ofpolice officerand public safety, you must have a healthy and robust physical constitution and serve in the Armed Forces as a volunteer for at least one year.

What a Forest Agent does
A Forest Agent specializes in the defense of the Italian agro-forestry heritage, in the protection of the environment, the landscape and in controlling the safety of the agri-food chain. The Forest Agent Profession has many facets and variables, just think that the State Forestry Corps deals with the protection of wooded areas, forests, coastal heritage, water basins, waterways, marine areas ... as well as the protection of animals, air, water and earth.

How to become a Forest Agent

As stated, forbecome a Forest Agentit is necessarypass a public competition. The competitions are periodically announced by the Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policies. To access the competition, by regulation, it is sufficient to be in possession of a lower middle school license but to enter the competition in possession of only this title would be an insured failure: the boys who participate in the competition to enter the State Forestry Corps are usually in possession of a degree or a technical qualification.

Which school to attend to become a Forest Agent?
The most suitable schools are the Agricultural Technical Institute, the Technical Institute for Surveyors or the more generic Scientific Lyceum. As for the post-diploma studies, the most popular degree courses are Forest Sciences, Natural Sciences, Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Biology ...

However, being a graduate is not enough to successfully pass the competition, as anticipated, theForest Agentholds in all respects the qualification of Judicial Police and Public Security Agent, hence the need to have a minimum stature of 165 cm, a medical certificate attesting to a healthy and robust physical constitution and to serve in the Armed Forces in as a volunteer for at least one year.

Requirements to enter the Forestry and become an Agent:

  • Italian citizenship;
  • age not under 18 and not over 25;
  • minimum stature of 1.65 m for men
  • minimum stature for women of 1.61 m
  • specific physio-psycho-aptitude suitability;
  • specific moral and conduct qualities;
  • other preferential requirements indicated in the notices of enrollment

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