Corn barbs, properties and benefits

Corn barbs, properties and benefits

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The net of filaments that surrounds the cobs of maize and which we call vulgarly 'beards'Or' hair 'is actually the residual part of the stigmas of the flowers, a part of the female reproductive system. These corn barbs, which seem to be useless, have excellent calming and diuretic properties.

In herbal medicine preparations based on corn barbs they are recommended to stimulate urinary functions, purify the body and free it from accumulated toxins. They also seem to help relieve the strain of the heart and liver and stimulate the functioning of all organs, including the brain.

But beware of the origin. The crops of maize are often subject to interventions with pesticides and the pollutants they contain are more than sufficient to make the beards. For herbal preparations it is good to use pure, organic corn, even better what you have grown yourself in a corner of the vegetable garden. Or what you got from a trusted farmer.

Infusion of corn beards. It is prepared by putting a handful of beards in a large liter of water and consumed from 5 to 6 cups a day.

Decoction of corn beards. Suitable for external use, even in the form of a decoction on painful parts, prepared with a good handful and a half of beards in a liter of water. With the same proportions as beards and of water you can also prepare baths and foot baths.

Beards aside, the maize it is an excellent food and like other cereals it contains starch, proteins, fats and various sugars, even if in different proportions. It is consumed cooked in many ways and you can also get an alcoholic drink (the Mexican chicha), but also in this case you have to be careful that it is organic corn not contaminated by pesticides and not transgenic.

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