Building a wooden garden floor

Building a wooden garden floor

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Building a wooden garden floor: the task is not as difficult as it may seem, and it is also possiblebuild a wooden floor, with river stones, gneisses, porphyry or wood-like materials.

Building an outdoor wooden floor
If you are considering making onewooden flooringfor your garden, pay close attention to the choice of wood.

Many suggest thatbuild a wooden floorrecycling the railway sleepers, in part it would be an optimal solution: the sleepers are already treated and therefore super-resistant to bad weather, the problem is in the treatment! The railway sleepers are rich in toxic substances that can damage the health of the soil and those who live in the garden. For this reason we do not recommend using this recycled material.

When buying, don't just look at theprice! The wood for exteriors it is often treated with toxic materials, which is why it is advisable to make adequate commercial choices. When shopping, make sure that the wood chosen has been planed, milled, sanded and pressure impregnated in an autoclave with non-toxic and ecological mineral salts and thus made resistant forexternal. Since thewood for floorsmust come into contact with the ground, choose sleepers suitable for use.

Wood floor for outdoorsor ... good imitations?
There are wood-like materials on the market that would be able to deceive anyone from their appearance. The appearance is the warm and natural one of transversal slices of trunk placed on the grass for make a path well integrated. Instead, they are elements made of reinforced concrete and colored with iron oxides, stable and resistant. At the time of purchase, you can choose between rectangular elements (similar to railway sleepers) or circular, such as large slices of log. The photos show similar products marketed by “Litoland, SAS ITALIA - Aldo Larcher”.

After choosing thewooden floor for outdoorsideal for oursgarden, it will be necessary to prepare the ground for installation.

How to pave the garden
Theoutdoor wooden floorit can be laid directly on the turf but, to give the whole more regularity and stability, it is recommended to remove the turf and fill the thickness with appropriately compacted and leveled gravel.

In short, the steps for laying aoutdoor flooringthey are three and consist of:
- the preparation of a regular flat support, for this purpose, it may be necessary to remove the turf and rake.
-the laying of a layer of suitably compacted gravel
- depending on the material chosen and the conditions of the garden, you can proceed with dry laying or with the preparation of the substrate.

In some circumstances, the bottom is prepared with moist sand stabilized with a little cement, the surface is compacted by checking its flatness with a spirit level. The layer of sand must be thick enough to contain the wooden sleepers at the level of any perimeter curbs.

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