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Heating system: radiators

Heating system: radiators

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THE radiators or heaters or radiators are the terminal part but certainly not less important than a heating system traditional home. Until a few years ago they existed in all homes, then they were partially replaced by radiant tubes heating systems On the floor or on the wall.

Today i heaters they are far from extinct and, apart from the older houses, their use in a heating system continues to be a cost effective solution in many situations.

As with the boiler, however, it is also necessary that i radiators are managed and maintained correctly. Only in this way will we be able to get the best out of ours heating system.

How to improve the functioning of heaters

  • Never cover the radiators, not even with curtains, because this hinders the heating of the environment by radiation.
  • If the radiator it is placed on the perimeter wall, for example under the window, it is very useful to place heat reflecting panels between the wall and the device. They exist on the market and have a reflective face to be turned inwards.
  • Take care of the thermal insulation of the building. A heating system yields more if the temperature of the heaters is not too high: the efficiency of the system is higher the smaller the difference between the desired comfort temperature and that of the heating fluid.

How to improve the control system of heaters

The easiest way to improve the management of heaters consists in making the operation of the hot water opening and closing valves automatic. This can be done using:

  • thermostatic valves, which cost little and can be mounted on all pre-existing radiators, for opening and closing hot water at certain values;
  • thermostats to regulate the temperature of the individual rooms (heating room by room) taking care to install them in a point that has a temperature representative of that room;
  • timers, also inexpensive, for switching on and off theheating system at fixed and differentiated times according to the days.

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