Sodium percarbonate, the eco-friendly whitener

Sodium percarbonate, the eco-friendly whitener

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The sodium percarbonate, natural whitener that looks like a white powder, is obtained by processing the salt with the addition of the hydrogen peroxide molecule. It is non-polluting and at the same time has a detergent and a whitening action: in detergents it has replaced sodium perborate.

The percarbonate in fact, it does not have allergenic substances, it does not contain phosphorus, optical bleaches or brighteners, and it has no bioaccumulation problems, that is, it biodegrades very easily.
Unlike percarbonate, the optical brighteners used in the formulations of conventional detergents (especially whiteners and bleaches), can be responsible for the onset of eczema and dermatosis. For this reason, the habit of buying natural products is spreading more and more: the most daring make their own natural detergents and detergents at home.

Up to a few years Sodium Borate (Borax) and Sodium Perborate were used as a natural whitener, however they have been declared illegal by the EU as they are also considered toxic for humans and the environment.

The Sodium percarbonate is the ecological detergent able to give new life to grayed and yellowed garments, lightening them and bringing them back to their natural color. It also gives white garments an extraordinary brightness.

Sodium percarbonate, how to use
It can be used both in the washing machine and as a pre-treatment.

  • In the washing machine: just add two tablespoons of percarbonate into the tray together with the laundry detergent or directly into the washing machine drum.
  • Normal washing: set the temperature to 40 degrees
  • Stubborn stains: Set the temperature to 50 degrees to have a sanitizing action or for washing stubborn dirt such as grease or children's poop
  • By hand on stains: spread a small amount of percarbonate directly on the stain, moisten with warm water and let it act for 1 hour. Then proceed with normal washing.
  • In the dishwasher: to sanitize the dishes and make the inside of the machine clean and shiny, pour a teaspoon of percarbonate in addition to the dishwasher powder into the tray.

Sodium percarbonate, useful information

  • Store in a cool, dry and protected from light.
  • Do not use on delicate clothes (wool, silk, leather).

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