Tips for the garden at home

Tips for the garden at home

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Vegetable garden in the house: there are ground rules andtricksvery useful when trying to set up avegetable garden in the househowever, much is entrusted to your intuition, your curiosity and desire to experiment. That said, here are a fewadviceand practical ideas to answer the main curiosities of those who want "make a vegetable garden at home“.

L'vegetable garden in the house, advice on placement
No plants can be grown near a heat source. Both in summer and in winter, plants should not be placed next to radiators or air conditioners.

Tip # 1:in winter, when the home heating system is active, you will be forced to counterbalance the dry heat - especially in the presence of dehumidifiers - with a greater number of irrigations.

The ideal location is near a window. Light, together with water, is a vital element for plants. In any case, if there is a radiator near the window, it is always better to move the plant away from the light!

The best strategy for making avegetable garden in the houseinvolves the use of a trolley: on the market there are wooden bases on wheels or even vases and trays on wheels, ready to be moved and transferred from one place to another in the house.

Tip # 2: in winter, watch out for the windows! Plants are very sensitive to the so-called thermal shock which could cause leaf fall, yellowing and blackening. When you want to open windows for a long time, move yours elsewherevegetable garden,that's why better on rails.

L'vegetable garden in the house, to start
Choose a well-lit corner of the house or, if possible, make use of the terrace and balcony space:
The garden on the balcony
Cultivate the vegetable garden on the balcony
How to cultivate a vegetable garden on the terrace

Follow the seasonality of your climatic zone and choose vegetables that you can grow in pots. L'vegetable gardens in the housecan count on a great variety of fruits and vegetables.

  • Strawberries
  • basil
  • carrots
  • parsley
  • lettuce
  • onion
  • radish
  • celery
  • sage
  • peppers
  • peproncini
  • Cherry tomatoes…

For your garden at home, follow the advice you will find in:
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Growing in pots

To start thevegetable garden in the houseall you have to do is go to your trusted nursery and buy the seedlings ready for planting. The seedlings must be transplanted into pots large enough to meet the needs of the entire vegetative cycle, until harvest.

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