Ideas for decorating the garden

Ideas for decorating the garden

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Ideas for decorating the garden: are enough ideas simple to make our garden more elegant and welcoming. First of all, we advise you to prefer natural materials to create each structure: wood, iron, stone, bamboo ... even stones, stumps and tree roots can provide support for the development of small plants, for tracing a path or delimiting a flower bed.

Ideas for decorating the garden, quick tips

  • Stumps and roots can host plants, take a look at:how to build a planter with a trunk.
  • Use ladders of various kinds to arrange the pots on several levels and better fill the spaces.
  • Set up a small greenhouse with shelves, a vertical greenhouse has a dual function: on the one hand it protects the plants that cannot tolerate the cold, on the other it decorates the garden by taking up little space.
  • The common terracotta pots can be decorated in various ways so as to have a colorful environment even far from spring blooms.
  • Add a partition wall or a masonry planter, here's how to build a planter.
  • On the perimeter of the garden you can put large shrubs immediately followed by lower flower arrangements. The plants, arranged in several rows, can divide the garden areas.
  • Add striking elements to your garden such as:
    - vases with internal light
    - I trace pebbles
    -structures for climbing plants
    -shelves for hanging plants
    - modular flower boxes of different shapes and heights.
  • Choose garden furniture made of natural materials such as stone, iron, wood ... bamboo is a very "young" is cheap. If you have a small table or a relaxation area, you can define it with abamboo screen, to build it you will need two fir boards, four wooden slats to build the frame and four metal brackets to fix the natural bamboo grille.
  • The garden should also be lived at night, a good lighting system can enhance outdoor environments even in the evening hours. In this regard, in order not to bear the expense of the electrical system, it might be convenient to purchase photovoltaic garden lamps or outdoor feretti. Here she isLED solar lamp for garden and outdoor environments.
  • If the garden is very large or takes place on levels, you can think of building a staircase, even if it consists of a few steps. A staircase in the ground offers many advantages, both aesthetic and functional. Here how to build a staircase in the garden.

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