Vegan foods, from the stove to the shelves

Vegan foods, from the stove to the shelves

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Vegan foods:but thesevegans, if they don't eat meat and animal derivatives… what do they eat ?! Unlike the common imagination, iwandereddo not ingest "only”Green leaves and seasonal fruit, the plant kingdom has a lot to offer. Let's see together thevegan foodsgood for any occasion, from sweet to savory, from snacks to lunches, from light to high-calorie ...!

Vegan foods, vegan and vegetarian recipes

  • Vegan dessert recipes
    - Crunches with pine nuts
    -Chocolate strawberries with chopped hazelnuts
  • Vegan fruit tarts
  • 100% vegan filled chocolate cupcakes
  • Vegan penne
    -saffron brush with zucchini
    -pennette pine nuts and seitan
  • Vegetarian menu # 1
  • Vegetarian menu # 2, for special occasions
  • How to make vegan mayonnaise
  • Risotto with truffles, vegan recipe
  • Vegan recipes, first and second
    - soy stew with potatoes and artichokes
    -pasta alla norma and tofu
  • Lasagna, vegan recipe
  • Spaghetti with vegetables, vegan recipe
  • Vegan parmesan recipe

Vegan foods, the replacement ingredients
How to replace meat and animal derivatives in the diet? In the article "Vegan ingredients"We provide you with advice for replacing:

  • Eggs
    Corn starch, chickpea flour, maranta starch, kuzu, syrups, fruit, ground flax seeds, soy milk powder…. there are manyvegan ingredientsable to replace eggs.
  • Cheeses
    Cheeses can be replaced with nutritional yeast, tofu, a spoonful of gomasio, sesame seeds and vegan cheeses made with the aforementioned nutritional yeast, wheat germ and almonds.
  • Butter
    It vacuously substitutes oil, sesame cream and other simple ingredients.

Vegan shelf foods

Those who do not want to prepare millet, tarts, croissants, biscuits and other delicacies at home, can count on a large number of products vegan food. There are several manufacturers that marketvegan foodsready for use. Our advice, also to reduce the production of plastic waste related to packaging, remains to prepare your own vegan dishes ... but when it comes to ice cream, snacks and brioches? If you really don't have time to dedicate to cooking, here is a series of certified brands and productsVegan:
Good and Healthy, lemon kamut tartlets, chocolate kamut tartlets, yeast-free rice and corn tartlets with apricot, wheat shortbread with fructose, spelled and cocoa shortbread or spelled and coconut sweetened with fructose.
The Forneria, breakfast biscuits, morning shortbread biscuits, soy and raisin biscuits, bran and fig biscuits, goodness with apple, berries, wheat germ and figs, empty spelled vegan croissants, spelled croissants stuffed with apricot or blueberry, vegan apricot or cherry kamut croissant and wild berry tart.

For more substantial dishes it is possible to rely onvegan foodsBioline or the Source of Life with seitan tomato and basil morsels, onion medallions, spinach kamut, rice and chickpea morsels ... or even with roast seitan, seitan with courgettes or styzikynzi of tofy and homemade seitan Defontaine.

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