The built-in appliances that sell the most

The built-in appliances that sell the most

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Of domestic appliances we usually appreciate design and low energy consumption, an aspect that we take particular into consideration on IdeeGreen, but often the price scares us. I would like but cannot arrive on time and when purchasing the choice falls on something else. But about what? What are, after all, the appliances that sell the most?

Since the panorama is wide we restrict the field only to the part of the devices built-in and the question, appropriately reformulated, becomes: which built-in appliances sell the most? We looked for the answer in the market data released by Whirlpool and here we present a summary, in many ways interesting.

Let's start by saying that today the built-in appliances they represent 35% of the market for large appliances by volume, and that in the last year this segment has grown by 4 percent. This is a first fact, the result of an average between producers who have grown and others who have gone back. Why the domestic appliances they are not all the same and not everyone is equally good at selling them.

A second finding is that growth is driven by the high and low price ranges. On the other hand, the middle range, as well as the middle class of society, is contracting a lot. Looking in detail, consumers are willing to spend more when they search and find built-in appliances with sophisticated functionality and design. They tend to save money, minimizing their spending, when they are not interested in particular characteristics.

What are the characteristics of the built-in appliances which attract the most? The preferences focus on induction hobs (a change of habits compared to the traditional gas stove), on steam ovens (also excellent for natural and healthy cooking) of the pyrolytic and hydroclean type (therefore with cleaning functions), on hoods that are also furnishing and on built-in microwave ovens (therefore an integral part of the kitchen). Obviously, compared to the past, the way of cooking is also changing.

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