SAP Cycle 4 Youth: responsibly on a bike

SAP Cycle 4 Youth: responsibly on a bike

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The Italian patrol that took part in the non-competitive cycling challenge

The initiative has to do with corporate responsibility, the environment and solidarity SAP Cycle 4 Youth which has put 68 SAP employees on a bike together with partners and customers from Italy, Germany, France, Belgium and Great Britain. The objective of the non-competitive cycling challenge: to reach the company's headquarters in Walldorf, Germany, in a maximum time of 5 days.

Goal achieved. In the end it was possible to calculate that the participants a SAP Cycle 4 Youth they each traveled 100 kilometers a day crossing Europe by bicycle, accumulating a total of 32,000 kilometers. The equivalent of the round trip from Walldorf to Sydney or, if you prefer another comparison, the circumference of the Earth calculated at the latitude of Italy.

The total is important because the regulation of SAP Cycle 4 Youth provides that for every mile traveled, 1 euro will be donated to three charities: Future and Hope Foundation, Word Bicycle Relief, Sepp Herberger Foundation. After all, the three organizations that promote and support social programs in Europe and Africa have received more than 60 thousand euros.

The Italian SAP branch, which has its headquarters in Vimercate (Monza and Brianza area) in an Energy Park where the buildings were built in the name of comfort and energy efficiency, has made its contribution to SAP Cycle 4 Youth with the participation of a group of 13 people made up of employees, customers and partners (including ETHICA Consulting Group) who traveled over 650 kilometers and crossed the Alps to get to Germany.

SAP Cycle 4 Youth among other things, it promotes the culture of cycling as a clean and sustainable means of transport. With the funds received, World Bicycle Relief will in fact purchase a good number of bicycles to give to children in rural areas of South Africa and Zambia to use them on the way home-school (which in those parts means a lot of on roads that don't look like ours).

A fact: of the 12 million children who go to school every day in South Africa, about half a million have to walk for more than 4 hours a day. The effort of covering these distances on foot has a negative impact on the school dropout rate and obviously on the possibility of continuing studies. Here, as in other African countries, the bicycle donated by SAP Cycle 4 Youth it can mean the future.

The challenge was also held last year, you can find the article here: SAP Cycle 4 Youth: sustainable bike ride for sustainability

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