Two-seater electric bicycle, prices and models

Two-seater electric bicycle, prices and models

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Who is on the hunt for onetwo-seater electric bicyclecan count on excellent models. The sector ofelectric bikesis in full expansion, in 2013 alone, more than 800,000 were sold in Europeelectric bicycles and of these, 45,000 were purchased in our country. Among the numerous models ofpedalecthey are not missingtwo-seater electric bikeswith double seat or with extended seat for those traveling behind.

El Ciclo Bramante
Thereelectric bikeEl Ciclo Bramante has a lovely retro style. It was designed to maintain a low weight but carry a large load. It is equipped with a 250 W Brushless motor and a 36 V lithium battery that recharges in 6-8 hours in the classic household socket. The battery is able to guarantee a declared autonomy of 80 kmelectric bikeEl Ciclo Bramante weighs only 25 kg (very few for a transport bicycle) and has a load capacity of up to 50 kg, obviously excluding the weight of the driver.

El Ciclo Tandem electric ELC10
The manufacturer El Ciclo proposeselectric tandemswith wheels in 26 "or 28" sizes. It is about2 seater electric bikeswith 7-speed shimano Altus gearbox, 13/34 ratios. Also in this case the two-seater bicycle is characterized by a retro design. The lithium-ion batteries carry Samsung cells and are 36V. The declared range is 50 km and has been calculated with a constant speed of 20 km / h and an average level of assistance. The recharge time is 6-8 hours, the electric motor is 250W brushless. The total weight of thetwo seater electric bikeis 34 kg.

Deluxe Tandem Flyer
Atwo-seater electric bicyclevery respectable! The Flyer deluxe electric tandem is manufactured in Germany and distributed in Italy since 2014. The German electric tandem has 26 "wheels and disc brakes, is equipped with a 350 W motor and Panasonic battery based on 36 lithium ion technology. V. Thetwo seater electric bikeTandem Deluxe is available in 5 different sizes but only in gray color. The price is € 4,490 and can carry two passengers without "worry".

Pedego Electric Tandem black
There2-seater bikePedego features 26 "wheels with puncture-proof tires, Avid BB7 disc front and rear brakes, 36V battery and 250W direct drive motor. The frame is made of aluminum and the shimano gearbox has 6 speeds. The price is 2,425 euros.

In the opening photo, the electric transport bicycle El Ciclo Bramante

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