Wind power

Wind power on the roof, the microturbines

Wind power on the roof, the microturbines

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Who intends to install thewind turbine on the roofat home can do nothing but focus on the technology of the micro wind and only in particular cases to the small wind. Thesmall wind powerincludes all those devices that produce electricity through the use of wind turbines no higher than 30 meters, which is why to install a systemwind turbine on the roofat home it is good to rely on the smallest and most compact micro-wind systems.

Wind on the roof
In recent years we have analyzed a large number of mini and micro wind solutions for roof installation. Here are some models.

  • Wind generator Darrieus Savonius, the vertical axis wind turbine with a capacity of 1 kW of power that manages to produce energy with discrete winds: the start-up speed is attested with a wind blowing at 0.5 m / sec. The weight of the turbine is only 11 kg and for installation on thehouse roofdoes not need any permission.
  • K07 Wind Power wind turbine, the K07 turbine is able to produce energy only when the wind reaches a speed of at least 2.9 m / s, so it is suitable for installation only in rather windy areas. Another limit of this turbine is its capacity of 500W. The strong point is the price, it is very cheap.
  • Windpods, the modular wind generator which has a length of about one meter and is only half a meter high. It succeeds in produce puliga energy thanks to the internal blades that rotate pushed by the wind. It was born in 2007 as a prototype and between 2013 and 2014 it entered the international market.
  • WindOrchard, the dimensions of the turbine are 127 cm in diameter, with a production capacity of 1.2 kW. This model can be easily installed in residential environments or in a classic way on a pole. Each blade is composed of a particular mixture of materials: 50% are made with recycled fibers of reinforced polypropylene, even if the company's goal is to soon reach 100%.
  • RevolutionAir turbines, it is a line of turbines, the most efficient, in 1.45 square meters of space they can produce as much as 10 meters of solar panels. The wind turbines of the RevolutionAir line are called Twin Blades and Triple Blades, and are models with two or three blades respectively. The two-blade model has a capacity of 400W while the three-blade model reaches 1 kW.

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