Rare Fruits: Thuja Lab finds and shows them

Rare Fruits: Thuja Lab finds and shows them

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Rare fruits on show, in Villasanta (MB), in the wonderful setting of the Gardens of Villa Camperio, 13 and 14 September to explain how much value and how much splendor nature holds. This is one of the ways that the association Thuja Lab has chosen to raise awareness among citizens and emphasize how important respect for the environment is. Starting from rare flowers, so as not to make the rare flowers, but not only with i rare flowers.

1) When were you born and with which mission?

The Association is a young reality, it was founded in 2013 with the intention of capitalizing on personal experiences in the field of culture and the environment. Thuja lab is a place for meeting and developing ideas and interdisciplinary projects both aimed at children and adults who aim to create socialization, encounter and personal and collective growth and to bring culture to life through a variety of encounters between different areas and realities. The event dedicated to fburps rare is one of them.

2) What are the areas in which you are active? In what areas?

The issues dear to us are respect for the environment, ecology, biodiversity and culture in a broad sense: art, theater, music, cinema, dance, literature, but also personal well-being. In particular we are linked to Brianza, in fact the event "Rare Fruits alla Santa ”today in the second edition will involve above all the territory of Monza and Brianza and will be entirely dedicated to rare fruits, in fact.

3) What are your ecological / natural activities?

We will start a documentation soon dthe rare fruits, native and forgotten, through extensive research on the territory, in collaboration with other associations and entities to rediscover, through rare fruits, the history of agriculture in Brianza. In addition, we will activate some events related to the theme of the tree as a bearer of life, artistic beauty and spiritual regeneration.

4) In September there will be the second edition of Frutti Rari alla Santa: what is it about?

It is a horticultural market exhibition that showcases plants, flowers, rare fruits and forgotten seeds. The intent is to offer a meeting point between forgotten ancient essences, man's work and art. Modern art installations in the gardens, in the exhibition rooms and exhibitions of artists using natural materials, workshops, book presentations, lectures and workshops: all around the theme of rare fruits and of forgotten ancient essences. To promote the protection and enhancement of organic production, education for the environment and a lifestyle in contact with nature.

5) Will there also be initiatives for children, on rare fruits?

There will be manual labor workshops of Steinerian inspiration dedicated to the theme of the seed and of the gods rare fruits. We will work on the process of making as transformation. There will also be meetings and lessons for adults, always on topics related to rare fruits and this year there will also be sensory workshops for adults.

6) How did the first edition of Frutti Rari alla Santa go and what are the news of this year?

At the first edition of Rare Fruits at the Santa there were many operators in the sector and an incredible variety of rare plants, flowers and fruits. The event also attracted a large audience from Milan and the provinces of Varese and Como. The news of this year a Rare Fruits will be the plants of the new world: ample space will have the colors and the aromas of spices and aromas which can be appreciated in powder form but also purchased in the "green" version. Furthermore, from 6 to 14 September, the exhibition "Soliloqui con la natura" is scheduled where Luigi Bello will exhibit his paintings painted with materials offered by nature and the photographer Mauro Davoli will present portraits of rare fruits and vegetables .

7) As an association I see that you carry out projects with animals to help minors, the disabled and the elderly: what is it about?

The animals we work with are mainly dogs and horses. It is about playful, didactic, educational activities aimed at individuals or groups for entertainment and fun, socialization, integration, learning purposes but also Therapy interventions aimed at people with specific difficulties or pathologies.

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