Vertical garden for balcony or at home

Vertical garden for balcony or at home

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Thevertical gardenit is ideal for those with little space outside the home and for those who want to furnish a small terrace. With the growth of urbanization, fewer and fewer people can afford the classic vegetable garden that develops horizontally. Those who live in small apartments do not have to give up gardening or the cultivation of fruit and vegetables: the balcony can be transformed into a green paradise thanks to the setting up of avertical garden.

Design a vertical garden
Before making any purchase, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve. Take the plan of your garden, calculate the spaces well and draw up a list of the activities you want to do and the characteristics of the place. Is it very sunny or is it in full shade? Is it windy? Are you going to have breakfast with us? In the latter case, it will be necessary to use a table during this periodhypercoop offers hanging tables for about 25 euros, but it is not difficult to find similar ones (both in terms of structure and price) from retailers such asLeroy Marlin oAmazon.


Based on the exposure of the area where thevertical garden, you will have to choose the varieties to grow. We advise you to read:
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- Cold resistant plants
- Plants for shaded balconies

Choosing the plants is probably the most fun part of the project. Do not be tempted by exotic varieties, I am sure that much more resistant plants will be able to give you more satisfaction. Among the plants that lend themselves well to the cultivation of avertical garden in the housewe point out the boxwood, ferns, hostas, ivy, laurel and dwarf conifers.


These plants will provide you with a good foundation to work on for years to come when yoursvertical gardenwill be well underway. To give color to theinternal vertical garden, resort to flowering varieties that respect the conditions of your space (shade, sun, cold…). If there is a sunny area in the space, you can take advantage of climbing varieties to grow on the same supports as thevertical garden, among these we recommend several varieties of sweet peas. To have plants that are perfect for your needs, it is advisable to grow them starting from the seed.

Vertical garden, the vases
In the design phase of avertical gardenyou have to evaluate the weight: how much weight is your roof able to withstand? To limit the weight to a minimum it is necessary to use very light pots, in bioplastic or wicker.

If possible, choose pots without a hole for drainage: for onevertical gardenit is better to pierce the pots about 2 cm from the bottom!

To make the pots even lighter, larger pots can be filled 1/4 full with granular hydro-terracotta, covered with a layer of fine material, a piece of net curtain or a pair of tights to prevent soil from being removed from the 'water. To fill the pots, choose specific soil for your plants or universal pot compote.


Vertical garden, irrigations
The only sore point related to the maintenance of avertical gardenit can be irrigation. If you can, install a well hidden drip irrigation system but this is an almost impossible task: it is difficult to hide all the pipes. Potted plants have little soil and for this reason they must be watered every day, it is essential that fertilization is regular in order to ensure regular growth and abundant flowering for the plant. Liquid or water-soluble fertilizers are the most convenient to apply.

In the article we described the creation of avertical gardenwith plants hanging from ceiling or to be fixed to a wall. We recommend related topics:
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