Parco del Grassano, activities and contacts

Parco del Grassano, activities and contacts

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TheGrassano Parkit is a naturalistic pearl characterized by the homonymous Rio, famous for the extreme clarity and coldness of the waters. Although short, the watercourse is considered a real river with an overall average flow rate of about 6,000 liters of water per second.

Grassano Park - Geography
The stream with frozen waters, coming from sources of the Matese, crosses the entire park which extends for 120,000 square meters. in the territory of San Salvatore Telesino, Telese, in the province of Benevento. The therapeutic waters and the lush greenery make theRio Grassano, the perfect destination to spend a day dedicated to relaxation, well-being and nature.

Grassano Park - Activities
The best way to appreciate the particular transparency of the Rio Grassano waters is to navigate it by canoe or kayak. The large picnic area and barbecue areas can be booked by visitors. The most demanding guests can take advantage of the restaurant on the river where they serve Sannio specialties.

The following services are available:
- canoe / kayak courses
- picnic areas with covered tables, chairs and embers
-bar, restaurant
-two playgrounds for the little ones
-sports field
-canoa, kayak
-boat trip

Parallel or neighboring activities:
-The famous Terme di Telese
- Festivals, concerts and exhibition activities in the center of Telese
-Educational activities
-Summer camps
- Horse riding

Grassano Park - Nature
The habitat is perfect for otters, otters and water birds, but not for fish due to the low temperatures. Until a few years ago, in spring, it was easy to spot otters and otters, the presence of man has driven these animals away and sightings have become rarer. A rich green flora, perfectly visible, occupies the seabed. Willows, poplars, lime trees and hygrophilous plants line the watercourse and contribute to the play of light that embellishes the waters of the Rio Grassano.

Parco del Grassano - Contacts
[email protected]
Tel. +39 0824 976475

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