Masts? All To school from the trees

Masts? All To school from the trees

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Master Trees, yes, they, representing the world of nature, take the chair with Anna Cassarino to teach how precious there is around us and how important it is to respect it. Making themasts it is a metaphor for the project "At school from the trees" with which Anna travels all over Italy, addressing adults and children with a language far removed from the technical one, and a bit boring, often used in the past.

1) What does your project that sees the masts consist of? And what is its purpose?

The At school from trees project was created to make it possible for everyone to have a basic understanding of how nature works, thanks to a concise and clear narrative form. How there were masts.

2) Why exactly trees? And how come yours are master trees?

I gave trees a privileged place because they are the living beings with the greatest overall positive effect on the environment, but very few take this into account, given that the topic is still too underestimated, instead we should remember trees as real masts. Everyone can now access this knowledge from the site with many columns and useful articles. To learn more, there are the 6 books I have published, workshops, performances, conferences, installations, exhibitions.

3) Do you work or did you take care of monumental trees in particular?

Before thinking about the master trees, introduce the monumental trees it was the first step I took to create interest in trees. This is why I have visited all the Italian provinces and from my site everyone can know which ones there are, how to reach them, what characterizes them, what ecological functions they have. They too are a bit masts. I am the only one in Italy to have done such a thorough job.

4) How and when did your interest in the relationship between art and ecology start?

Twenty years ago, after a trip by three months in Mexico, I was struck by the nature that in the tropics reveals itself with greater impetus, so I began to devote myself to this topic first with paintings, since the visual image is often what triggers the first interest. Then gradually I extended and deepened the topic and the way to treat it, up to elect the masts and create the At school from trees project.

5) What means and techniques of communication and awareness does your school use? Is it accessible to everyone?

I use writing and storytelling, with the support of painting, photography, le environmental installations - here are the masts protagonists - and all the creative forms that make it easier and more pleasant to approach the subject, often and willingly treated with too technical and verbose language. Of course masts. Anyone with curiosity and a little good will can learn from my school, dedicating even just a quarter of an hour a day, but with attention and constancy.

6) Are there any particular initiatives that, even using master trees, you address to the little ones and / or to schools?

Everything I propose can be easily understood from the age of 10. When I'm dealing with children smaller, I simplify, but I keep the same arguments, which still attract attention. Many times I have had to deal with schools, but passing by libraries or directly from interested teachers who have known me.

7) And with public administrations, local and not?
I would love to do courses, workshops and storytelling for those who work in public bodies, but so far it has been impossible. So far the masts were not allowed.

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