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Expo 2015, Palazzo Italia will absorb the smog of Milan

Expo 2015, Palazzo Italia will absorb the smog of Milan

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TheItaly PavilionforExpo 2015it will absorb the smog of Milan but it is not the only building in Italy to have this peculiarity: the Italcementi headquarters has obtained certification LEED Platinum, is located in Bergamo and the cladding of the building has been enriched with photocatalytic agents which, reacting with the ultraviolet rays of the sun, are able to neutralize the atmospheric pollutants typical of the urban environment.

Let's proceed step by step!

Let's talk about thesmog-eating concrete

The particular concrete which will coat the surface of Palazzo ItaliatoExpo 2015, contains titanium dioxide which reacts with sunlight to accelerate the decomposition of pollutants that accumulate on the surface of roads.

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The smog-eating concretewas developed in Italy, tests have shown that the material helps keep the air clean. Thesmog-eating concrete, if it were to be used massively, it could neutralize most of the pollutants present in urban centers.

The Applications of thesmog-eating concrete

ThePalazzo ItaliatoExpo 2015is just a small example, the West Cermak Street, in the inner city of Chicago, has been nicknamed "the greenest road in America "also thanks to the presence ofphotocatalytic cement.

LOOK The photos of the Palazzo Italia Expo 2015 project

Thesmog-eating concrete it is only the latest of the innovations present on the Chicago street and it is all Italian: the cement eats smog employed in Chicago was supplied by the aforementioned Italcementi. The entire West Cermak Street is characterized by solar panels, wind energy service stations, LED lighting, high efficiency services and a road surface lined with smog-eating concrete.

Palazzo Italia Expo 2015 and smog-eating concrete

Work on the construction ofPalazzo Italiaon the site ofExpo 2015were launched in February 2014. At the basis of the project, conceived by Nemesi & Partners, is the concept of "Urban forest " and the entire building focuses on energy self-sufficiency.

At the end of the works, the building will be completely covered withphotocatalytic cement, rich in titanium oxide. Thesmog-eating concretewhen exposed to ultraviolet light, it reacts with atmospheric pollutants such as the harmful nitrogen dioxide present in the air. The reaction sees the transformation of pollutants into inert salts that are easy to remove.

LOOK The photos of the Palazzo Italia Expo 2015 project

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