Urban trekking, all the info

Urban trekking, all the info

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When people think of the trekkingusually he imagines dirt roads, rocky paths, mountain paths… few are those who evoke images of metropolitan skylines, sidewalks, restricted traffic areas and old railway yards. This is how we introduce the concept ofurban trekking!

Theurban trekkingit's a great way to get to know and explore a city. It can be as relaxing as a walk in the countryside but offers satisfactions of a different nature.

Why practiceurban trekking?
If you want to get to know a city better or have guests in the house who like to walk, organizing an excursion to the city center is the ideal solution.

Many people, especially in the US, practiceurban trekkingto lose weight, help metabolism and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Theurban trekking has an advantage that should not be underestimated: those who practice it can take a break at any time! Sit on a bench, quench your thirst in a bar or even go shopping! Who practicesrural trekkinghe knows very well that if he doesn't follow some rules he risks getting dehydrated, lost or falling!

The purpose of theurban trekkingit is a little different from its rural counterpart. It is a journey to discover the city that can be enjoyed both by those who have lived in the area for years and by "foreigners ". Locals may be used to driving in the urban area but exploring on foot certainly gives a completely different perspective, allowing you to discover hidden gems such as small parks, squares and glimpses between buildings, inaccessible to those who drive a car.

The best time to practiceurban trekking
If you are wonderingwhen to practice urban trekking, know that much is at the "discretion" of the city you intend to visit and above all of your expectations.

Personally I prefer to dourban trekkingin winter, when city traffic slows down.

Then there are those who practiceurban trekkingto take advantage of fairs or events such as a walk that crosses a living nativity scene, the Illuminations of Naples, the Venice Carnival or any craft fair.

Urban Trekking Tips

In the article "Trekking Useful tips "we have given you a series of tips to better tackle a rural trekking route, with the urban trekking many parameters change because it is the setting that changes.

The best way to practiceurban trekkingis to do it with someone who knows the city very well, alternatively it would be convenient to trace, as a preliminary, a path using the toolStree View that you find on Google Maps.

The path traced must not be defined to the maximum, it is good to focus attention on the "points of tourist interest" but it is equally convenient to leave room for spontaneity. If you see an interesting little street, why not take it ?! Theurban trekkingcan give you continuous surprises: you never stop discovering the hidden pearls of a city!

Although there is no shortage of public fountains and bars, it is still advisable to bring a small bottle of water. Trekking shoes and, in the absence of the GPS on the smartphone, a map of the city are inevitable.

Thetrekking urban, as well as the rural one, goes well with thesocial trekking;if you want to make new friends and share yours with special peopleI walk, the social trekking it is ideal, an excellent opportunity for growth and comparison.

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Photo # 1 | Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido prefecture, Japan
Photo # 2 | Masks in S. Marco square, photo taken during a tour of urban trekking to Venice

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