Japanese fish, Koi carp

Japanese fish, Koi carp

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When it comes tofishes Japanese reference is made toKoi carp. Koi carp are raised in Italy aspond fishand considered by many "pets ".

Japanese fish– KOI - Japanese carp– Nishikigoi: history
The history ofJapanese fishis as fascinating as the beauty of theKoi carp. Popular beliefs state that iKoiI'm fishesindigenous people of Japan. In fact, their roots are rediscovered in Southern China 20 million years ago.

The association ofKoi fishand Japan was born because the Japanese were the first in history to breed Koi by selecting different varieties. It was taken care of by the rice farmers who between 1820 and 1830 began to breedKoi carpfor their aesthetic value. Japanese growers were able to select Koi from different textures and colors. The Koi, at first, captured the attention of an entire prefecture and later spread throughout Japan.

The popularity of theKoigrew further when the Japanese emperor Hirohito started a herd ofKoiin the moat of the Imperial Palace, in 1914.

In Japan, the term Koi refers to all types ofcarp, including wild ones. When you want to talk about the famousJapanese fishfrom the particular textures and colors, the term Nishikigoi is used.

Japanese fish– KOI - Japanese carp– Nishikigoi

All the tips for starting a Koi farm

First of all, you need to determine the number ofKoithat you can introduce in your own pond. The introduction ofKoiin your pond should provide one square meter for each specimen of carp with a maximum length of 25 cm. In a 3 × 6 pond it will be possible to introduce a maximum of 18 Japanese carp.

It is always recommended to never add large quantities of fish simultaneously, so the introduction ofKoiin the domestic pond must be done gradually. In the ideal hypothesis, a pond suitable for hosting a small Koi farm should have the capacity of 15 thousand liters of water.

The pond for Japanese fish breeding must be equipped with special filters. TheKoi carpthey live well between 15-25 degrees centigrade but can withstand water even around 7-10 degrees. They badly tolerate water at a temperature below zero.

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