Social Trekking, forget loneliness and go

Social Trekking, forget loneliness and go

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What exactly is thesocial trekking? Ask three people and you will get three different answers. A basic generic idea is not lacking but thesocial trekkingit takes on different meanings according to the training, interests and objectives of each one. For some, thesocial trekkingis a way to put your life in order by walking in close contact with nature and comparing yourself with your neighbor, for another, thesocial trekkingit can be a golden opportunity to meet new people ...

If thetrekkingis the tourism of paths to be discovered step by step, thesocial trekkingit can be defined as the tourism of encounter, of emotions understood as sharing.

Thesocial trekkingteaches how to interact with fellow travelers as well as with the locals. We do not travel closed in on ourselves but open to the world, to diversity, to comparison and growth.

Maybe it all started from "social trekking"Par excellence, what is done by undertaking the Santiago's walk, where strangers meet and after a few kilometers they are already friends. A dear friend of mine, he has traveled the Camino de Santiago several times and at each return he has brought with him a new cultural background and an increasingly dense agenda of friendships; they are authentic friendships, to be phoned and met at halfway points around Italy and Europe. The same friend is now in Africa facing a new battle with people he met through the mentality ofsocial trekking

Data in hand, thesocial trekkingseems to be among the most important tourism phenomena, according to the data released by the Terre di Mezzo Onlus Association, 24 thousand Italians have been in the last two years who have undertaken theWay of Santiago de Campostela and at least 600 thousand would be the usual "walkers" in our country. Thesocial trekkingis this a kid's stuff? I would not say if we consider that of these 600 thousand mostly are adults between 40 and 50 years old. The same friend goes well beyond the age of 50 but these ... are life choices that make you eternally young! The enthusiasm and desire to do is maintained.

As is clear, the opportunities offered by thesocial trekkingthey are endless and it is not necessary to take planes or change countries. You can start practicingsocial trekkingstarting from their origins, from the region of residence. The social trekking in Turin was very famous but events are scattered throughout the Italian territory and at all times of the year, obviously the ideal months are those that accompany the "walkers" with mild climatic conditions, neither too hot, nor ' too cold.

Social Trekking

The social trekkingis an exciting tourist activity where the key word is "sharing". The rules of the social trekking they are few, you travel by public transport or sharing the car with more people ... backpacking and comfortable shoes! Thesocial trekkingit is an excellent economic opportunity and enhancement of the territory thanks to which local products and services are preferred.

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