Electric columns in Italy, 130,000 stations on the way

Electric columns in Italy, 130,000 stations on the way

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To curb the spread of electric cars it is above all the lack of a capillary network of charging infrastructurebut things know slowly changing; according to the national plan of the development decree, by 2020, 130,000 points must be operational in Italy public charging for electric cars.

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The first"goal"it will already be marked in 2016 with 90,000 operational charging stations. The development decree provides for a series of concrete actions, so, by the end of 2013, Italy will receive 20 million euros to start setting up a network of electric columns public. These 20 million euros are only the first investment step: in 2014 Italy will receive another 15 million and in 2015 it will receive another 15 million euros, so by the end of 2016 on the national territory the first 90,000 will already have to be counted electric charging stations,share that will rise to 130 thousand by 2020.

The presence of a dense network of electric cars will not only encourage the purchase of electric carscharging infrastructure, in sight there are also tax breaks for those who own aecological car:the principle is simple, "the more you pollute the air, the more you pay ". The taxation relating to private mobility will be directly proportional toPolluting emissions.

Already today, those who own anelectric carhas the privilege of not paying the stamp duty for the first five years. In several regions of Italy there are already subsidy plans for owners of gas and hybrid cars. To these first advantages, others will have to be added as follows: those who buy aecological caryou will be able to take advantage of higher deductions with a reduction on the purchase and management costs up to 100%!

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