Solingo, the solar-powered electric bike

Solingo, the solar-powered electric bike

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The firstsolar powered electric bikeit is 100% Italian. Therethe solar-powered ebikehas two objectives: to make the urban environment more liveable and to relaunch the Italian economy. Wayel is a company of the Termal Group, founded in 2007, has worked for all these years in China, combining Italian design and Asian assembly.

With the arrival of thesolar powered electric bicyclethe company aimed at a re-localization of production and assembly here in Italy, in short, from design to production, thesolar ebikewill not leave the Bel Paese.

The bikes will be produced in the "FIVE "Italian electric vehicle factory, the building has an area of ​​7,100 square meters, is earthquake proof and with thesolar powered electric bikeproduces a vehicle capable of combining energy efficiency, mobility and clean energy. The same establishmentFIVEit is powered by solar energy (the plant on the roof of the factory is capable of producing 275,000 kWh of energy per year).


Having clarified its origin, we will wake you up some details onsolar powered bike. Is calledSolingoand integrates aphotovoltaic panelon its rear case. The photovoltaic system continuously recharges the energy storage unit which is able to provide up to 115 km of autonomy.

L'solar ebikewas developed in collaboration withRenew scrl, a research company owned by the University of Bologna. Its complete development took 3 years of research and testing. Solingo inaugurates a new category of light electric vehicles for urban use. The maximum speed is 35 km / h, in line with the requests of the associations that deal with sustainable mobility to extend the 30 zones, that is the areas where a maximum speed limit of 30 km / h should apply.


The estimates released by the manufacturing company see rather interesting economic advantages: theconsumptionit is less than 50 euro cents for every 100 km traveled.

Solingo does not require special maintenance and does not require high management costs: you do not have to pay the so-called "road tax" or other government taxes. Access to the ZTL is allowed and there is no need to pay special tickets.

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