How to design a terrace garden

How to design a terrace garden

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A simple terrace can become a more liveable space in which to spend part of our free time even doing gardening. In this regard we will illustrate you how to design a terrace garden, following some indications. Creating a garden on the terrace is an operation that you can do yourself; it's simple, you just need patience.

How to design a terrace garden, directions
1) The vases
Don't buy the first vase that comes your way; a vase also has the function of furnishing the space in which it is located. Go to a center where you will find a variety of sizes, colors and materials.
There are pots suitable both to remain on the ground and pots designed to be attached to the walls or placed on shelves. You can also recycle old relics, such as colanders or bread containers that you no longer use. If you plan to grow edible plants in pots, provide them with sufficient space and depth: edible plants need space for them to develop properly.

2) Plants
When choosing the plants, also evaluate the effect you want to achieve. For example, there are evergreen plants that do not lose their leaves, those that vary in color according to the season, others that are leafless in winter, others that are fragrant and others that are climbing or ornamental.
In the area where you want to recreate a little more privacy, you can place the climbing plants, using wooden gratings as a support; alternatively you can create evergreen hedges: in this case privacy is assured.
Arrange the plants in such a way that, when they bloom, they will be in harmony with each other and will be pleasant to see even from the outside. Remember that the garden will also be visible to passers-by, who will inevitably be attracted to it.
You don't need a lot of plants, don't forget that they need care to ensure the growth that each of them will have over time.
To enjoy the garden on the terrace even in the coldest periods, you can place evergreen plants. For more information, refer to the article "How to choose terrace plants".

3) The lights
For an elegant touch, light effects cannot be missing: you will amaze your guests too. Just place some light points hidden among the plants; you can place luminous spheres (even with colored light) on the floor, in the darkest areas.
Here is your green corner on the terrace where you can relax, garden and organize events with friends.

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