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Green flip flops

Green flip flops

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Green flip flops! … In the true sense of the word! When I saw these flip flops on the net, I told myself that I absolutely had to dedicate 10 minutes to report them to IdeeGreen readers! :-)

With summer approaching, they are truly perfect for having the sensation of walking barefoot on the grass without risking to find "surprises" such as glass, dog droppings or worse!

The price of 29.99 Euro is not "super-cheap" but you will certainly be sure not to go unnoticed or better, unnoticed, since these flip flops are only available for ladies or young ladies ... provided that there is no boy willing to show off your pink soles! :-)

The quality of the product is guaranteed by Kusa and the grass is made of Syn-Turf, an innovative material.

If you like them you can buy them on Amazon and have them at your feet in a few days!

The size S corresponds to the Italian numbers 37-39, the size M corresponds to the numbers 40-42.

I can already see who will show up on the beach ... walking on the grass! :-)

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