How to use the chainsaw

How to use the chainsaw

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Today we will see how to use the chainsaw because using it correctly means operating with greater safety in order to obtain excellent results and above all to safeguard one's health.

How to use the chainsaw, clothing
To prevent injuries when using the chainsaw it is necessary to protect oneself by wearing ad hoc clothing. On the market there are trousers with anti-cut padding to protect the legs: these trousers are characterized by a mattress pad made of fibers which, in the event of a cut, are able to hook onto the teeth of the chainsaw in order to lock the chain.

As well as the legs, it will be important to protect the face, hands and feet. Very important are the non-slip shoes with reinforcement: they are characterized by an anti-crushing toe and anti-cut protection. The best gloves for use the chainsaw in safety they are anti-cut and anti-vibration silicone stripes. Hearing is protected with ear muffs and goggles better if a helmet with a mesh visor is combined to protect the face from any splinters.

How to use the chainsaw, the ignition
Switching on the chainsaw requires a little practice: to start the chainsaw you have to pull a special rope and to do this you need to ensure maximum stability of both the mechanical instrument and your body. For start the chainsaw it is possible to act in two ways:
-you can block the chainsaw placing the rear handle between the legs and while the left hand holds the body (using the front handle), the right pulls the starter rope.
-The chainsaw can be fixed to the ground by blocking it with a foot: the foot must be placed in the hole in the "tail of the chainsaw " (rear handle), also in this case the left hand will hold the body of the machine by means of the special hose (front handle) and the right hand will pull the rope with a blow from the back. This position places greater strain on the back but requires less arm strength.

How to use the chainsaw, the handle
Started the chainsaw, this must be held firmly with the right hand on the rear handle and with the left hand on the front one.
I'm left handed, as I should hold the chainsaw?
Even left-handers must get used to this type of handle, this for a safety issue due to the correct activation of the chain brake.

In the grip, the thumbs must be held firmly around the handle: a solid grip allows you to better control the machine and manage any recoils as well as other abnormal reactions.

How to use the chainsaw, the chain brake
It is important to take care of the chainsaw and periodically check every part: starting motor, chain and chain brake. To check the correct operation of the chain brake, with the engine off, you can hold the chainsaw, place the tip of the guide bar at a height of about 50 cm from the ground, loosen the grip of your left hand by letting the end of the bar fall on a wooden tablet placed on the ground. By dropping the end of the bar, on impact with the wooden board, the chain brake must be activated.

Warning! You don't have to drop the entire chainsaw but just lower the bar until you reach the wooden board by drawing a curve in the air with an oscillating movement, the tip of the chain will have to draw a C in the air until it touches the wooden board on the ground .

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