Lapierre Overvolt, the electric MTB

Lapierre Overvolt, the electric MTB

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There are many young people on the hunt forelectric mountain bikesand there are just as many people who wonder about thepowerof aelectric bicycle.

Let's say right away that by law, oneelectric bicycle, how longpowerfulmay be, it cannot exceed the maximum speed of 25 km / h. After this speed, the vehicle is no longer considered "pedal assisted bicycle "therefore you will need a license plate, road tax, insurance, as well as a driving license.


Having clarified this, we focus on oneelectric mountain bikewith a rather aggressive appearance and character. Let's talk about theLapierre Overvolt. ThereLapierre Overvolt electric bikeit was equipped with a 400 watt motor and a Bosh battery pack.

In order to define it as onepowerful electric bikejust look at the wheels, with its 140 millimeters for both the rear and the front. The fork is also a 140mm. The engine changes its liveliness according to the driving style and the pedaling adapts perfectly to any type of terrain: from asphalt to dirt roads.

The autonomy is about 3 hours, in terms of kilometers, the battery allows you to travel up to 90 km, but a lot depends on the driving mode chosen and the conditions of the road surface.


Lapierre Overvoltit's a real oneelectric mountain bike, dynamic and fun to drive. Excellent grip thanks to the 27.5 "wheels and those who prefer, instead of 140 mm wheels, can choose 120 mm, sacrificing a bit of suspension to have aelectric mountain bikeperfect for excursions and “only” 20 kg. Of course, 20 kg may seem a little too much for onemountain biking but when you consider the tractionelectricwith the battery pack, we understand that the weight is more than justified, as well as being well distributed.

With pedal assistance, everyone can enter the world ofmountain biking.

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