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What is the Mini Wind

What is the Mini Wind

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It is easy to understand, it is about wind systems small size. If one wind turbine conventional has gargantuan dimensions, the mini wind it will better adapt to the rural landscape of our country house. The prefix "mini" indicates precisely the dimensions that can reach up to only 2 meters in height.

The mini wind it is designed both to be installed on mobile structures, such as boats or campers, and in shopping centers, terraces, agritourisms or urban parks. They fall into this category mini wind turbines which produce a maximum of 60 kW of electrical power and in this case the rotor diameter can oscillate from a single meter up to 18 meters.

Small wind systems can produce power up to 200 kW even if the technologies are in progress and with them also energy efficiency could progress. In that case, to host the facilities mini wind they could be farms with large areas available or for users connected directly to the electricity grid. Just like clothing, even for the mini wind there are sizes, as mentioned, ranging from XS (for campers and boats) to L (for farms and electricity networks) respectively. For the "sizes" you can refer to the table below developed by Enel Green Power.

Beyond the classification by size, the mini wind it can be on a horizontal or vertical axis. The wind farms with horizontal axis they can be two-bladed, three-bladed or multi-bladed. They are the most common and refer to the standard model of conventional wind turbines where the rotor is placed vertically and is oriented with the direction of the wind. The vertical axis systems they are not very widespread and less present in the public imagination, in fact when one thinks of one wind turbine the only image that comes to mind is that ad Horizontal axis.

L'wind power ad vertical axisis typically more expensive than the mini wind standard. The vertical axis system is quieter and has varying characteristics according to the manufacturer. Generally speaking, to refer to a single descriptive model, we can say that there is a central rotor and the blades are placed in parallel to the rotor (see photo above). The mini wind it can be installed by everyone. For implants mini wind turbines of power lower than 60 kW, the authorization can be obtained through the so-called DIA (Report of Start of Activities), at the Municipality of belonging without any particular bureaucratic procedures that will be necessary only, if the plant were to be built in a protected area . In this case, arrangements must be made for a "clearance" with the competent authority such as the Park Authority or the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage.

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