A competition of ideas on food sustainability

A competition of ideas on food sustainability

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Do you have a business project that relates to food sustainability? Do you want to create or have you already created a start-up in the food sector?

If the answer is positive you are certainly interested in Good4 - Start-Up the future, the competition of ideas on food sustainability launched by Barilla in collaboration with SDA Bocconi School of management and the Speed ​​MI Up incubator. There are almost 200 thousand euros at stake.

Good4 - Start-Up can be attended by young people under 30 from all over the world who have an idea or a business project in the name of sustainability in the field food innovative and who intend to develop it individually or in groups of three.

Having said that these are projects'food', Those who prove to be more attentive to the environmental sustainability, social inclusion and the realization of a fair profit.

What is the food sustainability? Well in fact the concept is quite new and needs to be clarified. We can define it as the set of choices aimed at limiting the impact on the environment and protecting the rights of the people who depend on these natural resources.

There are four competition categories included in the competition: 'Good4 our wellbeing' for projects aimed at improving people's wellbeing; Good4 our planet to promote sustainable agri-food chains; Good4 our communities for ideas that enhance food as a promoter of socio-economic development and social inclusion; Good4 our knowledge for projects aimed at educating and informing people about the importance of conscious choices in terms of food.

Representatives from the academic world, business and civil society will be part of the jury that will select. They are responsible for selecting six projects for food sustainability which will each receive a counter-credit of variable value distributed as indicated below.

For each of the categories Good4 our Wellbeing, Good4 our Planet and Good4 our Communities, the winning ideas will benefit from: a) one-off financial support of 15 thousand euros for starting the business; b) six-month speed up tutoring for the development of the activity with the collaboration of the Speed ​​MI Up incubator available from June 2015 to November 2015.

In the Good4 our Knowledge category, three projects will be selected and will receive: a) one-off financial support of 15 thousand euros; Total exemption of the winner for access to the Master of Management in Food & Beverage of the SDA Bocconi School of Management.

There is time for the presentation of projects until the October 15, 2014. Info at the toll-free number of Barilla 800-862323 (Monday to Sunday from 8 to 22).

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