Growing meat market for FAO

Growing meat market for FAO

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The meat market is growing according to the latest data from FAO, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. It may seem strange, but among the various agri-food sectors, the meat sector seems to withstand the global economic crisis better than others. The price of products is holding, a sign of stable or strengthening world demand.

Certainly the expansion of the meat market it depends on the growth of developing countries, from which the global demand for these products mainly comes, but not only. According to the FAO food outlook in May, the demand for meat remains stable in developed countries, starting with the United States and the European Union, two geographic areas where production, driven by exports to emerging countries, is growing slightly (47% of total production ).

According to FAO data, world meat production will increase by 1.1% in 2014 compared to 2013, bringing to 311.8 million tons (the unit of measurement is the equivalent carcass weight) the volume of meat market worldwide. Looking in particular at the EU area, the FAO indicates a slight increase in production which will reach 45 million tons, while imports should remain substantially stable and exports decrease but only slightly.

To put together these data of the meat market, the conclusion is that in Europe we are going to consume more. Other numbers, however, tell us that in Italy today there are more or less 4-6 million vegetarians and vegans (Assobirra data) and that their number is increasing. One of two: assuming that FAO's forecasts and Assobirra's data reflect reality, either Italy goes against the trend of Europe or per capita consumption of meat will grow, but according to the Trilussa average: who two chickens and who nothing.

Speaking of poultry, the main import of meat in the EU countries belongs to this category with 50% of the total meat market. The reason is certainly the competitiveness of the price compared to other types of meat at an international level. As for exports, 64% of the total exported from the Europeas Union is made up of pork. The Old Continent is also the third largest beef producer in the world with 7.4 million tons.

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