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Horticultural in the name of the Italian Rose

Horticultural in the name of the Italian Rose

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Horticultural in the name of the Rose. At the Milanese market show 95 rose plants of 59 different varieties. These are the creations of 16 hydridators, some of which remained unknown, from 1909 to 2013. From the Rosa Variegata of Bologna to the latest ones created by Barni and Pantoli. Above all, the Ruga rose, a hybrid created before 1830.

TO Horticultural, 9-11 May in Milan, the Italian Rose Garden brings these plants to the attention of the general public. Because there is a large trace of Italian roses in history, often obscured by English, French and German ones. But always loved by collectors and cult of hybridizers.

Above all, Antonio Giovanni Luigi Villoresi, director of the gardens of the Royal Villa of Monza between 1812 and 1825 (home to one of the most beautiful rose gardens in Italy) who was responsible for the creation of the rose Medoetioensis Villoresi, aka Bella di Monza.

And then Giovanni Casoretti, who in 1824 created the Rosa Strambio calling it this way himself to dedicate it to Gaetano Strambio, a doctor at the forefront of the fight against Pellagra.

And again Domenico Aicardi, Quinto Mansuino and the six Giacomasso brothers, protagonists in the world of Italian roseism. The oldest Italian rose? The Rose of Paestum, today Rosa damascena 'bifera', mentioned by Virgil in the Georgics between '37 and '30 BC.

The Italian Rose Garden of Horticultural was designed around the central fountain of the market exhibition. But it is not the only attraction of the event, which for the 2014 edition is enriched by the collaboration with the Museum of Natural History of Milan (Corso Venezia) and the Braidese National Library.

Still on the subject of roses, at the Natural History Museum you can see pages of dried herbaria dedicated to roses and the so-called 'Libretti di Monza', a collection of high scientific value and rare beauty. At the Museum, thanks to the collaboration with Horticultural, also a meeting entitled 'Italian roses: hybrid and spontaneous' (Saturday 10 May at 3 pm).

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