Spending the night in the trees, that's where

Spending the night in the trees, that's where

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There are now many people interested in the topicholiday on the tree:the visitor can dine orto sleepin rooms set up ontreesin close contact with nature.Overnight in the treesit is possible in almost all countries of the globe,Italyincluding.

Where is it Overnight in the treesin Italy
There Planted offers two tree houses where you can spend your holidays. It is located in Arlena di Castro, in Viterbo. As a guide price, we can tell you that an overnight stay for two in oneBlue Suitecosts 350 euros.


TheGarden of the Simplesis located in Manta, Cuneo. The house is built on an oak tree. Bedroom, bathroom and a terrace where breakfast is served. The approximate price is 150 euros per couple. At the Giardino dei Semplici it is possible stay overnight in the trees from March to November.

In Caravan Park Sexten (pictured above), it is possiblestay overnight in the treesbut not in a simple room, rather we speak of a luxury retreat. From the balcony of thetree houseyou can enjoy the wonderful view of the Sesto Sundial. The rustic-style tree house has a small kitchen, a flat-screen TV, a sensory shower, a whirlpool tub and a sauna.Spending the night on the treeof the caravan Park Sexten costs from 195 euros per couple per night.


At the Parco Esploraria di Zocca, a town in the Apennines at 830 meters above sea level, from June to September, it is possible to stay overnight or dine in the trees in close contact with nature.

Where is itpernottare on treesin the world
In the South Downs National Park, in the old oasis of natural beauty called "Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty"In the south of England, there is theCaste Cottagewith a tree house.It is a romantic house set up among the branches of a chestnut wood. Forstay overnight on the treeof the English limestone hills, you will need to shell out at least 155 pounds per night (per couple).

Is calledDomaine du Bois Landry, aAdventurous placewhich is an hour and a half drive from Paris. The green park offers five types of tree accommodation, including a floating one, two adventure huts and two suitable for the whole family.Overnight in the treesin the adventurous place it costs from 149 euros per couple per night.


On the French Riviera there is no lack of a luxury resort that offersovernight stays in the trees. Prices start at 350 euros for a two-night package but if you choose to stay overnight in high season, prices go up to 1,100 euros for a three-night package. The resort offers a bio-pool and an ecofiendly sauna.

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