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Expo 2015 French Pavilion unveiled

Expo 2015 French Pavilion unveiled

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TheFrench Pavilion Expo 2015it will be an authentic architectural spectacle that will cover an area of ​​2000 square meters. ThePavilion of France for Expo 2015it will be made with reusable wood and easy to disassemble and re-assemble.

Wood is not the only natural element ofFrance Pavilion Expo 2015: exploring the 2,000 square meters, visitors can come across a very rich green space designed to reproduce the natural habitat of French vegetation.

The design of theFrench pavilion of Expo 2015required more attention to what is the environmental impact of the entire structure, from the energy demand to the materials used. If wood proved to be the most environmentally friendly material for the construction of thepavilion, L'bioclimatic architecturehas thought about lowering the energy consumption of the system with passive ventilation and cooling systems that occur in a completely natural way.

Thefocusthematic addressed within theFrance Pavilion Expo 2015refers to the food issue by exploiting the theme of the French covered market. Alain Berger, general commissioner for the French pavilion at Expo, said that one of the main themes palpable within the French Pavilion will be precisely “Producing and feeding in another way“.

The needs we have, first of all, are to be able to increase food production to cope with growing demand and demographic growth: by 2050, there will be 9 billion people on the globe. Producing more is the first point but as Alain Berger himself remembers,produce more but produce better, in a way that is completely compatible with the balance of our planet. The food issue is not only environmental sustainability but is also linked to human rights: concrete help must be provided to poor countries by trying to bridge the digital divide as well.

Another crucial point, dealt with within the walls of theFrench pavilion of Expo 2015is related to safety: greater controls on food, healthier foods, less carcinogenic ingredients, less fat and harmful substances for the body. While it is necessary to increase public food awareness, on the other hand, harmful substances should be banned and the spread of junk food.

In the context ofMilan Expo 2015, the French Pavilion will be built very close to the Italian Pavilion.

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